Here at Southwest Church we believe that it is a privilege to serve. God has given “spiritual gifts and abilities” to His children. 

Our belief is that as we choose to serve in our church, community or world, the impact of that service will be life-changing for those who serve and for those who are served.

It takes many volunteers to make Sunday happen and to serve our community. Find out how you can get involved and serve others in our church and community.


Below is a list of several ministry teams you could join: 

  1. Lunch Team (preparing, serving, and cleaning up)
  2. Setup and Tear Down Team
  3. Greeters and Ushers 
  4. Worship Team (musicians and audio/visual)
  5. Advance Kids Ministries (welcome team, Advance Nursery (0-2 year olds), Advance Preschool (3-5 year olds), and Advance Kids (kindergarten to grade 6))
  6. Here Youth Ministry (grade 7-12 students; small group leader, events, etc.)
  7. Community Events (3 annual events, Spring Carnival, Summer Sizzle, and Winter Wonderland)


Have questions about what serving might look like? 

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An important reminder is that God owns everything that we have, enjoy and need. He has provided for us and only asks that we would be good managers of the gifts He has given to us. We learn from His generosity and are prompted to also be generous givers to others.

When we give to God and others, it is a reminder that God is the supplier of everything and that His desire for us is that we put Him in the number one place in our lives.


There are a variety of ways that we can support Southwest Community Church and its’ ministries: Automatic Withdrawal, Cash and Checks, Planned Giving and Online Giving.