Baptism is an expression of our commitment to Jesus Christ. Baptism (immersion in water) signifies an outward commitment to an inward confession of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Leader of our lives. It is one of the first steps following our acknowledgment of Christ as the leader of our lives.


Q.  What does Baptism mean?

A.  It indicates that you have come to a place in your life where you have said, “Yes” to Jesus Christ being the Centre of your life and you are now signifying that you have become part of the family of God. 

Q.  Why is baptism so important? 

A.  It symbolizes one of the purposes of your life that you are a child of God and  specifically that you are now part of God’s eternal family.  Baptism declares your faith in Jesus.  Baptism symbolizes your death to your old life and proclaims your new life in Christ.

Q.  Does baptism make you a member of God’s family?

A.  It is not baptism that makes you part of the family of God.  Faith brings you into the family but baptism shows you are part of God’s family.  Like a wedding ring, baptism is a tangible reminder of an inward work of grace in your life.  You do not need to be a mature Christian to be baptized.  In fact, baptism belongs right at the beginning of the Christian journey.  It is the sign of new beginnings in your life.


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