Advance Preschool

Advance Preschool

Who? Children ages 3-5 years old

When? Sundays... Sign in opens at 10:45am at the Welcome Table (at the bottom of the stairs) 

Where? Once signed in parent can walk their children to their classroom (following the floor arrows) and place them in the trusted care of our Advance Preschool Ministry Team 

What to Expect? 

Advance Preschool creates a safe and welcoming space where little ones can play, develop friendships, discover how much God loves them (by learning to apply Bible lessons and practicing prayer), and begin to advance in their faith journey

Our regular lesson activites include: 

  • Bible lesson
  • Songs
  • Craft
  • Age appropriate games
  • Prayer

& Sign-Out 

All children must sign-in to our electronic check-in system. 

When you come in the front doors of the school our Welcome Table will be on your left. Our welcome team will be there to greet you, answer any questions you may have, and assist you with signing in. 

Following the adult service parents/guardians are asked to please return to classrooms and sign-out their children prior to going to enjoy lunch. All parents/guardians must present their security receipt prior to having their child released to them. 


Parents, please keep the following items in mind: 

  • Keep your cellphone near you. This is our main means of connecting with you if your child needs you. 
  • We do not change diapers. If your child requires a diaper change while in our care you will be contacted. A changing station is provided in the far right bathroom stall on the main floor. 
  • We want to partner with parents and children as we advance in faith together. Please let us know if there is any way for us to better serve you. 



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